"Sarah is a gift, her classes and workshops are pure magic."

- Sabbah Nawaz


I’m a yoga teacher, a movement coach, a writer and digital marketing expert.

My love for movement and wellness and fascination with the human body was the reason for starting this blog - a yoga, movement and wellness blog designed to inspire readers to follow their dreams and find freedom and joy in their bodies.

From starting Yoga at age 18, to flirtations with various movement styles including flow and yoga dance. After studying English at Leeds university and taking a year out to teach in a school in Ghana, I spent a good while trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and the path of movement beckoned.

The best decision I have ever made was to sign up to a 9 month yoga teacher training course with Katy Appleton in London. During my course, I immediately knew that I was on the right path, as I suddenly felt I had found my purpose, my curiosity had been re-awakened and I felt very much a complete beginner.

Exhausting as the training was, I had found a new lease of life. After a couple of years of teaching my own classes and becoming more and more addicted to the yoga high, I moved to London and started teaching around South East London, creating new workshops, classes and events. 

In 2018, I set off to Goa with The Yoga People to train in Mandala yoga - a creative, fluid Vinyasa style where we move 360 degrees around the mat, moving with the breath. My practice started to become more flow-like and I started to explore movement and breathing in all its forms.

I don't believe that as movement teachers we have to stick to one set style just because we trained in it, or that we should imitate who we trained with and essentially stop learning. My own teaching style and practice is a constantly evolving one, influenced by everything I do: mobility training, movement, flow, strength training, calisthenics and yoga.

My life aim is this: One, to teach you to move better and embrace the sticky, challenging parts. And two, to help you find an even greater range of motion, flexibility and strength than you ever imagined you had.

I believe that you are always more flexible than you think. You just have to educate the body and give it the tools and the right environment to enable it to express its true potential.


You can find my class timetable here and my upcoming workshops and events here. Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook for class updates, workshops and classes I'm covering. Check out my Instagram to keep up to date on events and classes.


I am a Yoga Alliance 380 hours RYT, having completed my 250 hours with appleyoga founder, Katy Appleton, 100 hours with The Yoga People in Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism and 30 hours of Yin yoga with Norman Blair. I have also trained in functional mobility and flexibility with Emmet Louis and Kit Laughlin and continue to train with renowned yoga teachers and movement coaches around the world.