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This Week's Yoga: Hamstrings, Hips, Splits...

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I'm starting to track my yoga practice so hopefully I can check back in a year/two years/several years later and look back on the progress I've made! Here goes week 1...


30 minutes practise in my gym after work, focusing on hamstrings and hips with long holds in downward dog, pigeon pose and splits. The splits are coming way more easily to me now, my hamstrings have opened up a lot over the past few months and my hip flexors even more. I've still got several inches between me and the floor, but I now believe that full splits will soon be possible - which was definitely not the story 1 year ago! 


Teaching double 1:to:1 lessons tonight so today was rest day with a few little stretch breaks in between work.  


An awesome lunchtime Vinyasa class that was actually a fast-paced Rocket yoga class. Full of handstand practise where I was spotted twice, pincha mayurasana where I managed to hold it for a few seconds, core work and many many chaturangas. Left on such a high, buzzing with energy and feeling generally on top of the world! 


Friday: A busy day at work meant I only practised for 15 minutes today - but hey, little and often right?! 


Another busy day of chores and teaching private classes means I got a 45 minute practise in which was slow and steady. 


A little warmup pre-teaching for 15 minutes and then a fiery 60 minutes practise filled with pincha mayurasana and a few hanstand kick-ups!