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This week's yoga: core work, handstands and wall yoga!

Sarah Fretwell

This week's practise has been about strength-building, with handstand drills, core work and a little wall yoga!


A short but sweet 20 minutes practise post-workout in my gym, featuring downward dog holds, low lunge, high lunge, half splits and a fair bit of hamstring strengthening. Oh, also some sneaky wall yoga at work (aka: downward dog, low lunge and heart melting pose using the wall as a prop - delicious. 


Post-teaching a double private yoga whammy, I snuck a 40 minute practise on my mat at home in in the evening. It was filled with eagle arm high lunges and twists - why am I so energetic at this hour in the evening?!


Took myself along to an awesome Vinyasa class that I'd not been to before. I was surprised and very happy to find it peppered with moves I had never tried before, including Malasana to Full Wheel (I know, yikes!). Left on a complete high and with the best kind of yoga ache going on. 


30 minutes yoga practise after work, featuring headstands, full wheel and long holds in downward facing dog. 


Pretty tired so a softer yin practise tonight, mainly on my sofa! 


A much-needed visit to my grandparents in the quiet town of Felixtowe means no mat, no yoga? Wrong: my "yoga" was a quiet seaside jog, getting out of my head and into the moment, plus some more wall yoga to stretch out my spine and shoulders (lack of a yoga "space" = make use of the wall as a prop!) 


Still at my grandparent's house and thoroughly relaxed without any wifi, good TV or distractions. My yoga was long seaside walks, being truly present and spending quality time with my grandparents and family, letting go and not "doing" a great deal. Oh, a little car yoga (aka sitting cross-legged or in half lotus on the way home) happened too...