Sarah Fretwell

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This week's yoga

Sarah Fretwell


A 30 minute practise in my gym, post-workout, featuring plank holds, lots and lots of lizard pose, downward dog holds and bridge pose working on strengthening those glutes!


Two 1:to:1 lessons to teach after work mean my yoga today is mainly wall yoga - aka using the wall as a prop. I did downward facing dog, heart melting pose, triangle pose and forward fold - the wall works a treat!


30 minutes of yoga practise after a workout, with handstand practise, working on holding a straight line, L sit on blocks, and my new favourite move...malasana to full wheel!


30 minutes of flow in the evening, with some splits practise in there. I've noticed that despite not practising splits daily, they've really improved! I've been really focusing on activating my hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors in the pose rather than just sinking down and this has massively helped. 


1 hour yoga practise in the evening.