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Making Every Second Count

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A week ago I was lucky enough to assist at the Sweat and Sound "Aurora" yoga event in London, and the lovely team at Every Second Counts gifted me their gorgeous "Era" kit to wear. 

The Era bra and leggings are super stretchy due to their high elastane material, so they were perfect for the event. I was constantly getting into yoga positions, adjusting students and moving in every direction, so comfort is key as a yoga teacher. 

After 3 hours of yoga and adjusting students, the leggings had worn really well and had no tell-tale sweat marks on them, despite the fact that I definitely needed a shower by the end! They held up really well, were breathable and allowed me to move without having to make any unnecessary adjustments. 

I also love how shiny and bright the outfit is - I felt like a mermaid the whole evening! 

On to the Era bra. It's perfect for smaller chested ladies such as myself, with removable, lightly padded cups (always a bonus, lets be honest) and was super comfortable. Again, it's made from the same stretchy elastane material as the leggings, so it slips over your head easily and holds everything in. There's nothing worse than a see-through sports bra, so this one nailed it with just the right amount of padding and thickness. 

After the event it showed no signs of sweat marks and with its moisture wicking kept me nice and dry the whole time. What I love about both the bra and the leggings is that they're both shrink and fade resistant, so they'll hold their shape and colour wash after wash. I don't know how many times I've put a sports bra in the wash and it's come out a little tighter than I'd like when I've gone to wear it, so this quality is definitely worth paying the money for!

Here are some photos of the really was incredible!

As you can see from the photos, the outfits were perfect for the event! I think I'll be adding some of their collection to my birthday list...

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