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Start now, don't wait

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How many times have you put off starting something new because you don't feel ready? There have been countless times in my past where I've been too scared to go for something because I felt like I wasn't "there" yet in my life, in my abilities. 

What I learned over the years, having jumped into some opportunities and facing that fear head-on, is that when we don't feel ready for something, it is usually fear that is holding us back. 

Fear, that pesky emotion that keeps us from trying something, that tells us not to jump into the murky depths but to stay in the safety of the boat for fear of the unknown. Fear presents itself as logic most of the time, our brain trying to convince us that there's a logical explanation for why we're not ready. We've not got enough experience; we're not old enough; we're not good enough yet; we haven't got a big enough following; we don't know how. 

This sort of thinking presents us from taking action. I have been told many times by people that they don't think they're flexible enough to start yoga yet. Or that they don't know how to write a good blog so they have always put it off. But if this was the case, if everyone listened to their fears, there would be no yoga students or teachers, no bloggers or writers. 

Here's a fun fact. No one is ever ready. When I started teaching yoga for the first time, I didn't feel ready. I felt like an amateur, I definitely had a bit of imposter syndrome going on. And I sometimes feel that now when I start new things, but I don't listen to that voice anymore. If I'd thought, "I can never be a yoga teacher, I'm just not flexible or good enough at teaching", I probably would never have signed up to the teacher training in the first place. Similarly, with painting, which I recently took up again and was scared that my first painting would be terrible, but to my surprise it wasn't and I'm so loving getting back into painting and art. 

This fear can tell us that we're not good enough, that we can't, that we should wait. But wait now and you could be waiting forever. Life is too short to wait until you're good enough, and there's a high probability that if you think you're not good enough now, you still won't think you're good enough a few years down the line. 

We should stop putting things off, and start leaping into the unknown with open minds and belief in ourselves. In my experience, if you have an urge to try something new, even to change your career path and carve out a new one, don't wait until you're ready, because you never will be.

Start now, because you are more ready than you know. Give yourself permission to jump before you can swim well, I promise you won't regret it.