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October Essentials

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So last month was pretty full on, and I managed to get a cold in the last few weeks which I was very annoyed about! I like to think I can get through winter without getting ill, but sadly I had no such luck.

Here’s what’s been giving me life in October…

Putting several drops of this essential oil in my bath has really helped me to relax in the evenings and I swear it helped me to overcome my cold!

Still on the ashwaganda powder! It helps me to relax and has multiple benefits. Seriously, try it and let me know if it helps you too. I put a tsp in my smoothie along with a ton of coconut mylk/almond mylk to disguise the taste…because it tastes a little bit like the smell of hay, which is not my vibe.

Spritzing this everyday. I keep it on my desk to use whenever my skin starts to feel dry. Also, it smells incredible and is full of hydrating ingredients and rosemary essential oil.

Giving this new app a try to try and organise my finances a bit better. So far, so good.

Been painting lots recently. I find it so therapeutic, though it doesn’t help my posture! I use these paints and find they last a long time.

Trying this protein powder after workouts. If I don’t have time to make dinner, I’ll just make a protein smoothie and chuck in whatever vegetables and fruits I have. But never kale….unless you are hardcore.

Lusting after this workout and might give it a go. I love high energy classes, so this looks right up my street!

I’m currently trying and reviewing products from these guys, and will let you know what they’re like. I’m trying their Probiotic and Food Grown B Complex. They seem like a lovely company and have an in-house nutritionist to advise you, so they know their stuff when it comes to wellness!

I was kindly sent lots of tea from this tea brand, and I’m loving their Detox tea. Their teas are so potent and it really feels like you’re getting a lot of benefits from the herbs and spices. Some teas can taste a bit bland, but not these guys.

Still taking my omega 3 everyday by the lovely team at Bare Biology. Favourite omega oil ever.

I’ve been drinking hot water, fresh lemon, fresh ginger and cayenne pepper lately right when I wake up. It gets the whole system going and fires up the body, so if you wake up feeling a little groggy, this will sort you out!

That’s all for this month!