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Natural Skincare & the NuFace Trinity

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I am pretty terrified of all the hundreds of facials and various machines in the big, wide world of the beauty industry. Yet every so often a user-friendly, natural product comes along that sparks my interest, such as the NuFace Trinity The lovely guys at Current Body very kindly sent me their device to test for 60 days to see what I think, so I have been using it for abut 3 months now and have only positive things to say about it. *This post is not sponsored!

The NuFace Trinity is a facial toning system that combines soft wave micro-current technology (also known as Micro-current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation) through the roller balls on the device. Put simply, it’s a device that uses a low level micro-current (electric current) to help to stimulate the collagen production in our skin and to tone the facial muscles. There’s absolutely no risk in using it, the current is very low and there is no pain at all, so I knew this was right up my street.

I chose the NuFace Mini because I just wanted something small, simple and easy to use and only really wanted the one head to do some facial massage and micro-current, but you can also buy the NuFace Trinity, which is a larger device that comes with various different brush heads.

The device comes with the NuFace Gel Primer, which is a really high quality and natural hyaluronic acid gel that you apply to your face before using the device to massage the product in. It’s so simple to use and really cooling - I store mine in the fridge to keep it extra cool and refreshing. Once you apply the gel, you start rolling the globes of the device over your face in slow, upward motions, focusing on the jaw, cheekbones, above the eyebrows, and the forehead. It’s really smooth and the device just glides over your face easily, so I found it really quite relaxing and therapeutic to do before bed.

The gel does sink in quite quickly, so I generally re-apply it about 3 times in the space of 15 minutes of massaging my face with the device. I say 15 minutes, but some nights I only used the NuFace for 5 minutes. That’s the beauty of the NuFace - you only need to use it between 5-20 minutes a day to see results. I guess it took about 1 month before I started noticing the effects. They are very subtle, but definitely noticeable, as my skin feels much plumper and my jawline is definitely a little more defined. Another benefit of the device is that micro-current is known to help increase the absorption of products, so it’s great to use before applying an evening serum to help it sink into the skin.

As for side effects, I didn’t notice any at all. The only thing that I’d say is that the device causes a sensation on your skin that’s a bit like a tiny little, light flick of an elastic band every few seconds. It’s not painful at all, there’s no heat, and no redness afterwards. But it will take a little getting used to unless you’ve had laser treatments that are probably 10x worse. The trick I found is to keep my skin really well hydrated with the NuFace Gel Primer, because when it dries out the globes can’t glide as smoothly over the skin and the prickles were a little more frequent. You can also use the NuFace on your neck and body - I am just sticking to my face right now (read: lazy) and because I am trying to keep my evening routine as simple as possible. It also comes with a charger, but I’ve only had to charge it once as it seems to have a never-ending battery life no matter how frequently I use it!

It’s definitely a product that I’ll be using for years to come, not just because I really enjoy the evening ritual of facial massage as it just helps me to wind down, but it also gives you subtle but definite results and is so simple to use - anything over complicated and I am usually out - so it’s a real winner in my eyes.

Find out more about it on the Current Body website (where I got mine) and read up about how it works here.