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The 5 different types of content that help you share your message

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There are many different types of content that you could be sharing with your audience and potential customers, both online on your website or via social media. Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with content ideas for a blog or a social post and we start doubting whether what we’ve been doing is interesting enough to share.

But your content is true to you. What you think, feel and do is totally personal to you and therefore worth sharing with your potential audience. These are some of my favourite content types that I refer back to when I’m running out of ideas of what to write about or share on my blog or social channels.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes content is a great way of sharing what you’re up to with your customers or audience. And I don’t mean sharing what you’re doing every minute of the day, but the meaningful things. The events you’re going to. The work you’re doing and that you’re passionate about. The workshops you’re putting on. What your home workspace looks like. By giving them an insight into what’s been going on in your life through little snippets, you’re inviting your audience and potential customers into your life and letting them get to know you a little better. You’re building a connection and a more personal relationship with them – which is a great way of giving them insight into what it would be like to work with you. Instagram stories are a great way of sharing behind-the-scenes content as you can take photos then and there and upload them instantly to create a story of your day.

Helpful content

We all have something to share that’s been helpful to us. Whether that’s something you learned from a course, healthy rituals that keep you grounded or yoga tips that have worked for you, this is content that teaches your audience something. Think about what your audience might need help with, and start from there. Brainstorm ways that you could help them on their own <insert fitness, health, business, yoga etc> journey. This might look like a list of tips, a tutorial, a video demonstration, a podcast, a gallery or anything that teaches you something meaningful.

Expressive content

We each have our opinions and subject areas that we’re passionate about – the things that keep us learning, discovering and that shape the work that we do. Maybe you have a really strong interest in something, or are passionate about a specific subject – this is all worth sharing with your audience and a great way to give them an insight into what value you can provide them.

The trick is to share this type of content in a way that doesn’t bombard your audience with every single one of your opinions, but to keep it inspiring and thought-provoking. How can you express your opinion while also acknowledging that others might believe something different? How can you engage your audience and ask the right kind of stimulating questions that creates a conversation that lives on, even after your post?

Life lessons

We’ve all had them, the break-ups, the work struggles, the finance worries, the friendship issues, the body image hang ups. These challenges that we’ve been faced with are what makes us who we are today. So if you’ve been through a journey that you feel could help or inspire others, why not share it? You don’t have to go into all the nitty gritty details, you can relay the overall challenge that you went through and tell your audience how you overcame it. How you felt at the time. How you coped. How you feel now. So maybe you’re a health coach but struggled in the past with food allergies or illness, how might sharing how you overcame this challenge help or inspire someone? Maybe you’re a yoga teacher and you’ve managed to increase your flexibility twofold since you started practising. Why not share your personal practises or tips with your audience who might also be struggling?

Chatty content

This type of content is more chatty and conversational, and is usually an Instagram story, a Vlog or video, or a podcast, where people can watch or listen to you talking. You can share anything here, but things that work really well are the things that you’re currently enjoying, such as a particular product. From the books that you recommend to the fitness classes that you rate highly, you can share a lot of information with your listeners here. If it’s a podcast, it’s a great way to share more personal things with your audience – your ideas, passions, opinions and practises.

I hope this helps you to come up with and create some exciting new pieces of content. I’m here if you need to ask any questions, so don’t be shy to pop me an email!

And if you’d like to dive a little deeper and work with me on a 1:to:1 basis to help bring your social media, brand message or website to life, get in touch here!