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July Essentials

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Here's a good podcast for all ma fellow yogis and yoga teachers. Some seriously helpful nuggets of information on each podcast. 

Loving this eye mask. Expensive but so worth it as it will last years. 

Currently obsessed with drinking homemade celery juice several times a week. Here's why. 

Still reading my beloved online wellness and beauty blog - beware, it's seriously addictive. 

Recently bought this and have been using it everyday - cannot be without it. 

Spritzing this each morning. May be for you, maybe not, but I love the smell. 

Living in these.

This aromatherapy lamp is bringing all kinds of brightness into my life.

Drinking this before bed everyday. 

Writing in this each day and loving it. 

Sukin's anti-pollution, oil-balancing charcoal mask works wonders.

Always and forever

Listening to this every single day. 

Lusting so bad over this

Doing this each week. 

Currently testing this - natural is the way forward. 

Recently got this and it's my new favourite to practise on. 

Practising this pretty much everyday in some form. 

Every time the same.