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Take Action Now

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We become inspired by things we see, read and experience in our daily lives, and are sometimes struck by an idea or an insight that we want to explore.

What if, instead of adding it to our never ending to-do-list, we took action on this impulse, then and there?

Everyday I am inspired by something I receive, whether through social media or interactions with others, and everyday I find something else I want to explore and it goes on to my to-do-list, which I work through slowly. But if I’m not careful, those ideas can be replaced by other ideas that happen afterwards, falling behind a never ending stack of ideas.

There are things we can do in the moment when inspiration strikes us. We can take action by sending an email, immediately researching something that inspires us, journalling, and by following our instincts, for example. It’s all about listening to what we’re feeling in the moment, just how a child gets excited by something and starts to explore it, rather than placing that idea into a box, putting a label on it, giving it a deadline and causing ourselves even more stress about all the stuff we have to get done. When we do this, we turn that inspiration, that excitement, that playful creativity into just another task in our overwhelming list. We take the magic away from the moment.

What if we took the first baby step, right at that moment, and explored it with the playfulness or a child?

When you’re walking down a road and spot a new path you’ve not taken before, why not follow it? Who knows where you’ll end up or what you’ll find.

When you’re reading a book that sparks something in your mind, instead of allowing that light to flicker and dim, why not head to google and research more around it, then and there?

When you’re practising yoga in a class with a teacher and a feeling comes up in a pose that you don’t understand, instead of putting it to one side, why not step on your mat when you get home and explore that pose again, by yourself?

We are all born inherently creative. We’ve just forgotten how to live in the moment and have become great at turning everything into a thing that needs to get done at after all the other things that need to get done.

But there’s no need to wait before you act on something. You can take that baby step in the right direction then and there.

This is creativity: following your intuition, tuning into the subtle experiences that you receive everyday, and then allowing yourself free reign to explore it like an artist, regardless of whether you think you’re good enough or not.

Listen when your inner dialogue starts to tell you that you can’t, that you shouldn’t, that you aren’t good enough, aren’t ready, or don’t have time to start yet. Learn to shut down that little voice.

Lists, notes and tasks are great, as long as you actually take action on the things in the lists. Start small, take that first step right then and there, and notice the satisfaction that simply starting something brings.

What things are in your list to do this year that you can take a small action on right now?