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Tried and Tested: Organic Prebiotics and Superfood Blend by Inspiriko

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I have been trying out the Organic Prebiotics and Superfood Blend by new brand Inspiriko for the past few weeks, to try and improve my digestive function which can sometimes get a little out of whack.

Inspiriko make unique, 100% vegan and organic superfoods designed for women, with the aim of making it easier for busy women to nourish their bodies with the cleanest plant-based nutrients. They’re also about educating and community building as they are about creating healthy and delicious new food blends, and are working on partnering with few women focussed charities that are doing incredible work in supporting women from different walks of life. 

Their prebiotic and superfood blend is a vegan multi-tasking formula packed with 9 clean sources of digestive health improving ingredients, important for building and maintaining healthy gut, maintaining metabolic efficiency, nutrient absorption, all the while keeping blood sugar levels balanced and keeping you feeling fuller longer.

As for the taste, it actually has a nice, sweet flavour and mixes well into my green smoothies, giving them a slightly sweet yet earthy taste, which doesn’t overpower all the other ingredients I add in. What I love about this product is that it contains all of my favourite superfood ingredients in one useful packet, meaning less space taken up in the kitchen cupboard and less hassle. Here are the organic ingredients, each rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, healthy fats, fibre, vitamin C and A, and zinc:

Baobab, flaxseed, maca, inulin, blueberry, acai berry, goji berry, barley grass and aronia berry powder.

The reason why you might want to start taking a prebiotic is that our gut microflora impacts a number of functions in the body, but its primary function is to help digest food. Whenever there is an imbalance between "good" microflora and "bad" microflora you experience bloating, cramping, low energy, acne etc. The prebiotic fibre in this blend helps improve the gut microflora by feeding the good bacteria and correcting any imbalance, meaning you’ll likely experience an improvement in your skin, less bloating, and increased energy levels – win win.

In terms of results, as always it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing what, but I can say that I have been feeling less bloated after eating, and first thing in the mornings. I haven’t had any digestive issues at all, and my, *ahem* digestive movements let’s call it, are pretty regular now, which is always a good sign, even though it might be TMI…

Organic Prebiotics and Superfood Blend, £17.99