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Feed Your Skin with Plenish Drinks

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I was given the opportunity to try a 3 day Plenish Drinks juice cleanse recently, and I wanted to share my experience and answer some of the questions about it that I was asked.  I’ll start off by saying that although this was my first proper juice cleanse, I do regularly drink green smoothies that I make myself and follow a fairly clean diet, so whilst I didn’t find it as challenging as expected, your experience will really depend on what your current diet looks like.  

Plenish Drinks have 4 different juice cleanses to choose from:

Level 1: a gentle detox to support liver health and give your digestive system a break

Level 2: a medium level detox to boost energy and improve skin health

Level 3: The deepest detox designed for psychological performance and aids weight loss

Level 4: a limited edition low calorie detox to support weight loss

I went with the level 3, as I was keen to go all in and consume as much green juice as possible and was pretty sure my body could handle it, however I spoke to the guys at Plenish Drinks beforehand for advice, so I would really recommend doing that too as they’re really helpful.

The juices arrived really quickly, in a large cooler bag, with an information booklet, a glass straw and their pre cleanse guidance and recipes. I received the following juices:

Lift x 3 – 80% pear, cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, and basil

Fuel x 3 – kale, spinach, cucumber, lime, romaine lettuce and ginger

Kick x 3 – lemon, chilli, lime, coconut nectar

Boost x 3 - 37% pear, cucumber, kale, spinach, ginger, parsley and lemon

Savour x 3 – cashew milk, cacao, maca, Himalayan salt and cinnamon

I would be drinking 6 x 500ml cold pressed juices a day, 4 of which would be green, avoiding food apart from snacks like cucumber, celery or avocado if I started to feel lightheaded. Nutrition wise, this meant a total of 750 calories, 28g protein, 39.5g fat, 15g fibre and 167mg Vitamin C per day. 

I decided to start my cleanse on a Saturday and not plan anything too crazy over the weekend, so I could relax a little and finish the cleanse on the Monday evening, then go back to my regular meals on Tuesday. I highly recommend doing this, as it really helps you get through 3 days of not eating with a lot more ease, and I know I would have succumbed to temptation if I had gone out the night before or felt really tired.

On the first day of my cleanse, after drinking the Lift juice in the morning, I felt surprisingly energetic. Lift contains the highest amount of sugar from the pear juice, so for all you morning carb lovers out there, it really is enough to keep you going for two hours until your next juice, and it tastes lovely and sweet. I went to the gym in the morning and practised some yoga and did some power walking on the treadmill (I really recommend keepimg your workouts fairly light), and then went to the park with Daisy (the lovely dog I’ve been walking) for a good two hour walk. I started feeling a little lightheaded and remembered I’d forgotten to drink my second juice of the day: Fuel. I won’t lie, the taste of this one isn’t as nice as Lift because of the kale, but I am fine with drinking potent green juices so it didn’t bother me. However, this juice contains the least amount of sugar (barely any) and has no fruit juice in it at all, so I was still quite hungry after this one.

By about 3pm I got home after the walk and drank Kick, which is like a gently spiced coconut lemonade - definitely my second favourite of the lot. It’s really hydrating and I loved the taste, and it contains some natural sugar from the coconut water to keep you going throughout the afternoon. I had got a little headache, but after this it seemed to vanish. The two hours flew by, and I didn’t even feel like drinking Boost at 5pm, so had half and put the rest in the fridge. Boost is less sweet than Lift, with only 37% pear juice, but still pretty easy to drink, if you don’t mind the green taste.

It got to 7pm, and I sat down to watch Stranger Things, armed with my last juice: Savour. This one is like the best healthy chocolate milkshake you can imagine, and is way more filling than the other juices. It’s designed to keep you full all night until morning, and contains a healthy dose of fats from the cashew milk, as well as hormone balancing cacao and maca and blood sugar stabilising cinnamon. Trust me, it’s ridiculously delicious and I could have easily drunk 2 more bottles. For me, I tend to get snack attacks in the evening, and will usually have some dark chocolate or yoghurt and fruit on the sofa, so I did struggle in the evenings.

Ok, I’ll be honest with you here. I succumbed to temptation. I had 3 maltesers and about 4 skittles on that sofa too, and then felt like I’d failed the cleanse. However, I think as long as you jump back on it and don’t beat yourself up about anything, it’s all good. Plus, I’m pretty sure 7 tiny sweets didn’t do any damage…

On day 2, I felt much lighter on waking and pretty hungry, so downed my first juice of the day. The rest of my Sunday was spent teaching yoga, armed with my 5 other juices to power me through. What’s great about Plenish is that as soon as you start feeling lightheaded or starving, you can just drink your next juice of the day. It doesn’t really matter if you have it later or earlier than recommended in the booklet, and I swapped one juice for another one at one point because I preferred it. As long as you’re sticking generally to the plan and avoiding food, it’s ok.

Again, I got major food envy at dinner time but managed to steer clear of the sweets and just had a rooibos tea instead which did the trick. I was surprised at how much energy I had, and just how difficult it was to drink all 6 juices in one day with 2 hour gaps in between. Dreading Monday and wondering how I’d get on, I headed to bed and fell asleep straight away - bliss.

Monday arrived far too quickly, and armed with 3 of my juices I set off for a full day’s work. I actually found it really easy, since I was running about all day rather than sat at home which I can imagine would be tough with snacks all around you. So before I knew it, Monday was almost over and I still had 3 juices to drink by the time I got home at 7pm.

I drank my juice number 4, but then just couldn’t bring myself to drink number 5 AND 6 (I’d be weeing all night), so I just poured out half of Savour and put the bottle back in the fridge. I’d finished the cleanse and still had 3 leftover juices to see me trough the rest of the week, which was not what I’d expected at all.

So, let’s talk results. I definitely noticed an increase in energy during that whole weekend and rest of the week. I slept really well each night, without any headaches or 3am hunger pangs. My skin is always fairly consistent and luckily I don’t suffer with acne or any major spot situations, but it was really clear by the end of the week, which I’m putting down to all those minerals and vitamins in the juices. I didn’t lose any weight to my knowledge (I never weigh myself and losing weight was not my aim) but I did notice that I felt much less bloated, and just generally felt lighter. I also felt really hydrated, I was really regular (digestion wise - too much info?!), my skin was clear and bright and I was sleeping like a baby. So if these don’t count as benefits then I don’t know what does.

I hope this helps if you’re thinking about trying one of Plenish’s juice cleanses. You can find out more about their cleanses here and feel free to ask me anything or ask the guys at Plenish any questions about which cleanse to go for.