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My favourite sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical activewear brands

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There are so many incredible brands doing amazing things to save our planet, and I keep discovering more and more on my journey towards living more sustainably. I’m going to talk mainly about activewear here, but will also throw in some of my favourite sustainable fashion and wellness brands.

What I love about supporting these ethical and sustainable brands is the stories behind their designs, which are just so lovely to read. I’ve become so much more aware of what I buy, and try to shop as consciously as possible these days. Being a yoga teacher and movement coach, my wardrobe is predominantly activewear these days, and I want to ensure I’m doing my bit for the planet by wearing sustainable clothes that feel good, and look good. Gone are the days when sustainable clothing meant compromising on style, so whether you’re heading to a yoga class, working out at the gym or lounging about in your home, here are my favourite ethical and sustainable brands that are doing some amazing things.


Vyayama is one of my first and favourite discoveries in natural activewear. Aside from their prints being stunning, they use only natural fibres which are OEKOTEX® certified, sourced sustainably and made ethically. I’ve got a few of their designs, which are really unique with lively prints and not to mention being extremely comfortable. I live in this and this when I’m teaching!


Silou are an independent brand from London, and they make really beautiful, body-enhancing activewear. Their style leans toward minimalism, which means their designs are really wearable from day to day. I’m always wearing these, whether I’m teaching, going to the gym or stepping outside for a walk, because I love a high-waist, and Silou are one of the best brands if you like this style too.  


Teeki dance to a slightly different beat, in that their prints are truly one of a kind. Material wise, their designs are made from recycled water bottles, which usually take 400 years to become fully biodegradable. Choose from bright prints that will instantly lift your mood, or plainer designs that you can wear to meetings or day to day. I have these, and they’re buttery soft and extremely flattering.  


Vaara creates the most beautiful activewear that is really simple and classic, making it perfect for wearing when you’re heading out and might potentially take a class in between meetings. They select the finest materials and work with only the best manufacturers in the world, meaning a lot of thought and care goes into each piece. Their clothes are perfect for yoga and pilates – I’m lusting over the simplicity of these.


Varley designs timeless and wearable pieces that look great and feel great. Their products are high quality and affordable, and they produce in much smaller batches than a lot of other high street brands. I love their sports bras and printed leggings.


Starseeds use organic cotton, bamboo and linen in their designs, which are 100% biodegradable, and very long lasting, strong fibres that don’t stretch too much. They also use hemp which is a real tough cookie in the material world, needs very little water to grow and uses way fewer resources to grow, as well as recycled polyester, which helps to reduce the amount that goes into landfill unnecessarily. Their clothing is simple, comfortable and really affordable. Take a look at their designs here.


I’ve been an Asquith lover for many years now. These harem trousers are still a beloved favourite of mine, which I wear whenever I’m lounging in my house or at that time of the month when I’m feeling bloated and just want to feel cosy. They only use the eco fabrics organic cotton and bamboo in their activewear, which means their clothes last for years, unlike clothing from some of the fashion giants out there. Their clothing is also so comfortable that you really won’t want to take it off. Shop here


Evveeervital have an environmental and social conscious, with a holistic approach. Their focus is to minimise the impact on the environment through, from design to production and delivery, and therefore only use sustainable materials. Their pieces are simple, timeless and really functional whilst being colourful and fun. Shop the range here.

Free People

I pretty much adore anything that Free People do. Check out their activewear here.

Carrot Banana Peach

Carrot Banana Peach is an organic plant-based activewear brand, inspired during a trip to the rainforests of Malaysia. Their designs are made from mainly bamboo, soybean and Aloe Vera, which is pretty clever. Everything is buttery soft and really wearable.

Live The Process

Live The Process are ethically made in America, using the finest materials and the utmost care. Slightly more of a luxury purchase, each piece you buy will become your go-to, as the designs, material and style are just so effortlessly perfect. I love this, this, and this – basically everything they make then…