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Bare Biology - Shedding the Light on Prenatal Depression

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Bare Biology, the brand behind the amazing Lion Heart Omega 3 Oil, have teamed up with PANDAS charity to offer a support network for women going through pregnancy. They are aiming to help support women going through the ups and downs of pregnancy, as well as women suffering from prenatal depression.

Their special pregnancy omega oil, Bump & Glory, is designed to offer enough of the growth chemical DHA and essential fatty acids to support women's energy levels and hormone levels during pregnancy, and thus supporting their babies growth and development.

If you know of someone going through prenatal depression or simply want to support yourself through your pregnancy, I really recommend reading this article by Bare Biology. There's a great quiz on how to tell whether you're suffering with this horrible illness unknowingly, as well as lots of insights and information on how to get support. Dont suffer alone! Take a look at their products here.



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