Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness

Four simple but powerful pose-altering tips


1. In Warrior 1, look down and make sure you can see your big toe on the inside of your front knee. If you cannot, your knee is buckling in and affecting the correct alignment of your front leg, putting a strain on your knees. 2. In Tadasana (Mountain pose), relax the muscles around your eyes and jaw. We often hold unconscious, tension and strain in those areas. Relaxing these areas enables the entire body to relax.

3. Before an intense or challenging pose, pause and take a long inhale and exhale. Visualise yourself already in the pose, how you want to show up and to feel in the pose. This sets a strong intention mentally for your physical body to follow.

4. Before starting your practise, take some time to sit at the front of your mat and focus your attention on your breath for five minutes. Just notice the gentle inhales and exhales. When a thought pops into your mind, instead of paying it attention, simply notice its presence and then let it float away, bringing your attention back to your breath. Keep doing this. Set an intention before you start your physical practise it can be something simple like "I am willing to show up 100% in each pose", just make it true to you.


Sarah x