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Review: HIIT at Another Space London


I've wanted to try boxing for ages now, so when I saw that the guys at Another Space offer a HIIT class that involves boxing, I jumped at the chance (and dragged the boy with me - working out with a partner is way more fun, right?!). I've tried Yoga at Another Space and really enjoyed it, but had no idea what boxing and HIIT would be like.

So off we trotted, all ready for what we thought would be a standard workout that would leave us feeling good but not that tired - we've all done HIIT right? And how hard can punching a bag be? Enter the studio. Another Space is conveniently smack bang in the middle of Covent Garden, just a short walk from the station. It's got a smoothie bar, where you can pre-order protein smoothies to refuel you post class - I didn't order one as I had zero time before the class started (standard) but I could see that they use Neat Nutrition protein - which is my favourite brand.

Right before 1pm, we were picked up in the reception by our PT Richard, and taken down into the studio. It's a small room, totally dark but lit up with moody lighting, and with punch bags hanging from the ceiling. There's only a maximum of 10 or so in the class and a real mix of guys and girls, so you get to partner up with someone to switch workouts during the class. I veered towards my boyfriend...if anyone's going to see me punching like complete loser around these pros, then I choose him!



After a few laps jogging around the studio, we broke up into two groups. One partner on the floor, and the other as a "fighter" on the punchbags. Floor first for me. How hard can this be?! The music started, and floor people are instructed to do 45 seconds (timed using an app on the wall) of various HIIT exercises, ranging from spiderman pushups (google it - they're gruesome) to burpees, to sandbag squat jumps. The fighters simultaneously are doing various punch techniques as fast as they can - jabs, body punches, side hits, elbows and hooks (yep- I know the terms now!) After 45 seconds (but felt like 2 minutes) of the most intense exercises I have ever done, you switch with your partner. Let me just say that the music really gets you through this. And Richard the PT - he's pretty awesome. The music is fast, fun, think house and heavy beats, helping you push that little bit harder. It gets super competitive (or is that just me?) as you can see everyone in the mirrors, making you want to up your game.



After about 20 minutes, both me and my boyfriend thought that we were dying. Seriously, we were going to pass out if we didn't have a drink. Collapsed against the wall, furiously pouring water down our throats, just a sit down would be nice....but then the buzzer goes and you're back at your punchbag or straight back into those sandbag squat jumps only this time you're instructed to lift them over your head as you jump. No rest for the wicked, eh?!

Bring lots of water. LOTS. One 750ml bottle was not enough. By the end of this workout, I didn't even recognise my face - since when does sweat drip from your eyelashes? And my leggings and top - let's just say that these needed an urgent wash in case they caused someone to pass out. But I felt awesome, and stumbled out on a massive high (and into the shower for a loooooong time - oh yeah). That's what this kind of workout does to you - it gives you such an adrenaline boost, and the team were so friendly and inviting that I'd go back in a heartbeat!

Till next time...have a wonderful, fulfilling week!

Sending health & happiness,

Sarah x