Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness



I have learned along my path that what we receive is a mirror of what we give out. How we show up in our day to day lives determines what comes our way. Yoga has taught me that you really do have to put in the effort if you expect results. You can't expect to master drop backs or handstands overnight if you're not putting in the effort on a daily basis. This doesn't mean practising these particular poses obsessively everyday, but simply showing up to your mat time and time again, and practising the basic poses to get you more strong and flexible. It is EXACTLY the same with life. With jobs. With friendship. Relationships. Family. Self development. You have to put in the groundwork, time and time again. Showing up to that family party. Being there for your partner. Supporting your friends when they need it most. Showing up with passion, drive and determination in your job, whatever it is. Taking the time to study yourself, explore your mind, how it reacts, your habits, your weaknesses, your strengths.

We have to shine some light on how we are showing up in our lives if we're not happy with how things are going. What choices are we making? Are we choosing to pursue things that make us happy? Or are we doing all of the things that are making us miserable, without knowing how to stop? How are we showing up to our jobs? Are we giving our all, or are we holding back? How do we speak to other people? Is it with kindness and encouragement, or negativity and criticism? Sometimes, we all want a good moan. It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking "Nothing's going right for me, everything's just a complete mess." Such negativity only breeds ore negativity. In the words of Ekhart Tolle, "change the situation by taking action or by speaking out if necessary or possible; leave the situation or accept it. All else is madness.”

There is absolutely NO point in staying in a situation if it is making us miserable. I don't want to pursue anything that is not positively benefiting my life in some way. I want to LIVE, with passion, presence and a sense of purpose. I want to feel like I'm making a positive difference. To have this come my way, I need to show up in a positive way. Day in, day out. That doesn't mean I can't ever grumble again (that would definitely not be possible living in London!) It just means I need to be aware of how I am showing up. How I'm talking to people. Because what you give out you get in return. If you shout at a stranger on the train, you'll create negative vibrations that could last all day if you continue to do act in a negative way! "Bad stuff" will start to happen to you, little things that will make you grumble. Whereas if you treat someone with kindness, it might just come back your way. From little acorns grow big, powerful Oaks. It's these little seeds of positivity/negativity that truly create your life, these little actions or words that you do and say.

I feel strongly about this, because it's happened to me! I've changed my life simply by making different choices. By getting rid of anything that wasn't serving me. I was once in a dead-end job, sad, uninspired, with absolutely no idea about what I wanted to do. I was miserable, and it made me feel like I was a failure and that everyone around me somehow "had it". It was only when I started to honestly question WHY I made the choices I made that I realised, I was choosing fear over trust.

Trust yourselves, you can do it. You can make positive choices, positive changes, it's never too late to start over.


Sarah xxx