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How to Find Your Passion



If you're looking at this blog post and thinking that you'll never find your "passion" or "dream" life, I know the feeling. We all get stuck in a run at some point in our lives and forget to be curious and open to new things, however small or insignificant they can seem to you. Some people are incredibly ambitious, and know what they want in life, the career they want to work in, right from a young age, which guides their path. If this sounds like you then it’s great that you have this strong sense of direction.

For those of you that feel like you’re floating somewhat aimlessly in life in an unknown direction, and can’t figure out what your passion is, then it can be pretty frustrating to be advised to follow your passions when you don’t know what they are. However, don’t give up! The answer to finding your passion lies in the process of self-discovery, a process that can only take place when you allow yourself to be curious and try new things.

If you don’t allow yourself to be curious, never try new things, never follow-up an interest in something, however small or large, how can you go about figuring what makes you happy in life?

First of all, I find it helpful to make a mental note of all the things that I am interested in, or just a bit curious about. The list could go on for ages, and there might be things that seem quite insignificant – that’s fine, there’s no rules here. These may be fleeting interests such as photography, or long-held curiosity about something, like writing. You just want to bring these interests to the surface in your mind. Once you are confident in these interests, you can set about exploring them further!

It might be that you’ve always loved cooking, you watch cookery programmes, and you’re in your element when browsing through a beautifully written and well-designed cookbook, and this could inspire a passion for cooking or blogging about the recipes you’ve created. Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in travel and have a desire to see the world and capture it beautifully, and this might spark a passion for photography.

Taking the time to learn more about the things that you have a curiosity for can be a really fulfilling, rewarding activity. I’ve often heard people reject this, as they don’t see the immediate benefit to their lives and would rather not be a student again. But we should always be students, because when we stop learning we stall self-development. Any small act of curiosity can quickly lead to greater things, embarking on an adventure, signing up for that course so that you become a pro in your field, rather than someone who looks at other pro’s and thinks “I wish I could do that.”

Allowing yourself the time to indulge in these little acts of curiosity is the best way to take a break from the duller parts of your life that feel like obligations, like working. I’ve had plenty of interests that have seemed so intense that I was 10000% sure that I would continue with it. However a lot of them have been fleeting, and haven't held their ground when I gave myself time to reflect on them. If they turn out to be short-lived and no longer interest you a few months later, that’s fine! It just means that this thing wasn’t your true passion in life, but at least you gave yourself the opportunity to check it out. If it does hold its ground, withstands the test of time, and is still a burning interest after a year or two, then you’ve found your true passion(s)!

If you approach everything in this way, allowing yourself to indulge in your interests and curiosity, then you will eventually find your true calling. You will start to lead a very fulfilling and happy life, doing what you love to do, and giving yourself the space for more interests to develop.

So stay restless. Stay curious. Say "yes" the next time something sparks a flicker of curiosity in you. Teeny bit interested in yoga? Go on, try a group class, what's to lose?

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