Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness

January class playlist



I usually listen to music when I practise. Music lifts me up, helps me connect to the movements and pose in a more emotional way, taking me deeper into the present moment. Music is a personal preference, and some people may prefer to practise without it because the silence helps them to better connect to their breath.

My advice is to practise without music, and notice whether it helps you through some of the challenging poses, or whether you find it distracting, and go with your own preference.

I've compiled a 60 minute playlist of the songs that I personally love to listen to while I'm practising. Just like the style of vinyasa flow, the playlist starts with gentle, calming songs aimed to help you find your centre while practising breathwork. From here, the beat and rhythm of each song build in strength as you move into the flow part of the practise, usually composed of two or three rounds of sun salutations.

Building up to the peak pose, the next few songs are loud and proud, and are chosen to help you through the challenging poses.

Moving into the cooling, lunar part of the practise, with poses such as gentle backbends, shoulder stands and seated poses, the songs start to slooooow down in tempo, becoming softer and more acoustic, with little or no beat.

And finally. Savasana. After stretching, twisting and opening your body in every way possible, you are guided into your final relaxation "corpse pose". The music here is often meditative in style, and has no beat or rhythm, to help you settle into deep relaxation. I personally love the sound of beautiful piano or soft classical music here, but anything that helps you relax is great.

Have a listen, and as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!