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My top 5 Winter Detox Juices


My favourite winter detox juices It’s winter. It’s cold. The sun has gone into hibernation and the Christmas party season is in full swing. Bring on the rich food, alcohol and one too many late nights partying. While it’s fun make the most of the pre-Christmas festivities, all this can take its toll on our body and health, making our immune system more susceptible to picking up the dreaded flu, tummy bugs and pesky, lingering colds. This is why it's so important to invest in your health, take a yoga class and reduce stress as much as possible by boosting your diet.

The body’s ability to detox effectively can be supported by drinking cold-pressed, organic juices, where the vital nutrients have not been heated or damaged, but gently pressed to preserve vitamin content. Juicing is not a food supplement, but should be an addition to your diet when your body is vulnerable to stress and illness. Combining a healthy cocktail of nutrient rich and alkalising vitamins, fibre and minerals, juicing is a quick and easy way to bolster your vitality, immunity and energy levels. You’ll also get your five-a-day in one drink. Awesome? I think so!

I have my eyes set on the following delicious juices, jam packed with in-season winter vegetables, fruits and spices. Read on to learn about how their ingredients can boost your health this winter…

ImBibery – Exotic Juice



Ingredients: Pineapple – Ginger

The combination of these two star ingredients helps to decrease and prevent inflammation both inside and out. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, reduces swelling in the nose and sinuses, and even stimulates the body to get rid of fat, which will help balance out those rich Christmas treats. Ginger’s numerous health benefits include preventing colds and flus, easing respiratory problems and helping blood circulation.


C Press Juice - G Force



Ingredients: Orange – Ginger – Lemon - Oregano Oil

The perfect combination of citrus fruits and ginger in this juice is incredibly stimulating, immunity system optimising and detoxifying to the body. To increase its potential, they’ve added oregano oil, which has extremely high levels of free-radical fighting antioxidants and is one of the most powerful anti-fungal remedies. I'll have a litre of this one, please.


Daylesford Organic B Bright Cold Pressed Juice



Ingredients: Carrots – apples – celery – lemon – ginger –ginseng

This organic, raw, unpasteurised cold-pressed juice contains naturally sweet root vegetables and fruits with warming ginger. Ginseng plays an inflammatory role, while the vitamin C from the apples and lemon will help brighten dull skin and increase energy levels. The high percentage of water and electrolytes in celery can prevent dehydration and reduce bloating, making this one a great juice to have post-Christmas party.


Detox Kitchen - Pretty Powerful Juice

b Bright

b Bright



(Photo by Urban Pixxels)

Ingredients: Pear – beetroot – celery – pineapple – lemon

The ingredients in this juice are excellent for digestion, with the fibre from pears and beetroot enough to give the most sluggish digestion a kick-start.  Pineapple quickly fixes dehydration, which is vital after one too a Christmas tipple.

£3.75, Fitzroy Place Deli, Fitzrovia

Plenish Cleanse – BOOST Juice

Boost high res

Boost high res

Ingredients: Cucumber – Romaine – Pear – Kale – Spinach – Lemon – Parsley – Ginger

At 75% vegetables and with 1 KG of organic produce packed into one bottle, replenish your brain and body with this green power juice. The dark leafy vegetables are a source of vitamin C and manganese, which protects your cells from oxidative stress, and folic acid, which supports psychological performance. Spicy, warming ginger improves circulation, lemon and parsley help to purify the blood from too much alcohol and rich food, and the fibre and vitamins from the pear are great for energy levels and digestion.

£9.90, 1kg,

Alternatively, why not make your own detox juice? Comment below!