Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness


I hope these testimonials give you a little bit of an insight into the experiences that my students have had. Thank you for the love...

Private Yoga Lessons

"Taking up yoga has been one of the best things we have ever done. I didn't realise how inflexible I was or how strong it makes you. It also provides an hours peace in my hectic week that I would really miss. Sarah has been a fantastic find. She keeps the sessions varied and interesting, covering various styles, and pushes you just the right amount. We would recommend her to everyone if we didn't want to keep her to ourselves."

- James & Ceiridwen

“Sarah is a fantastic yoga instructor. She’s helped us improve our posture, core strength and flexibility. She is always patient, supportive and really encouraging. We highly recommend her - she has been perfect for us as nervous, self conscious beginners. Plus, she plays great music!”

- Vik & Samantha Sharma

"As someone new to yoga I have been very impressed with Sarah and her excellent teaching style. I have had one to one sessions and attended her group classes. She is very encouraging and supportive and ensures you get what you need out of each session. In class she is able to encourage the newer people whilst developing the more experienced. I would recommend her without hesitation."

- Jacquie Kirk 

"Sarah is an excellent instructor. She's calm, warm and very knowledgeable. She really listens to what you would like to achieve and varies each session accordingly. It's also wonderful being able to do it in the comfort of your own home and we couldn't recommend Sarah highly enough!" 

- Crystal & Harry 

Group Classes

"Sarah's class is wonderful and I look forward to going every Sunday. Her style of yoga is energising, challenging and fun while also being incredibly calming and giving me a real sense of peace after every class. Sarah also really takes the time to find out what everyone needs/would enjoy more of in the classes. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect balance of relaxation and exercise from their yoga practice."

- Katie Beard

“Before yoga, my hips used to click everyday, and I had sore knees, on which I’ve had several operations and was told i would never run again, due to the pain I was left with. I started yoga just over a month ago with Sarah, and since then, my hips haven’t clicked once, and I’m now back running, slowly but surely, with no knee pain to report! Really can’t recommend yoga enough! Classes with Sarah are great fun, very de-stressing and I’ve noticed such a change in strength and flexibility already, I can’t imagine not practicing yoga now! I started yoga as I had read about the benefits it has with strength and stress! I was skeptical but have seen the benefits it’s had and now can’ t bring myself to miss a practice! I am hoping to continue building strength and flexibility! I enjoy the feeling of mental strength it leaves me with afterwards too!”

- Natalie Skyes

“What I love about the class is that it is really unique, not like other classes I had been to before. I particularly enjoy the music Sarah uses too!”

- Sarah Towell 

“Sarah was my first ever yoga teacher and what high expectations I now have! I was completely new to yoga but Sarah made this form of exercise completely accessible. She was always encouraging and provided different levels of each pose so her classes really were inclusive whether you were a newcomer or advanced yoga practitioner. Every class taught me something new about myself. Sarah is also very knowledgeable about the biology of the human body".

- Tanya Quddus

"I have been practising yoga for many years and Sarah is one of the best teachers I know. She takes the time to find out what her students want to get from the sessions and welcomes feedback. She incorporates a balance of meditative and more active content and there is plenty to challenge the more experienced. I am so glad I have found such a fantastic teacher in Walton my only wish being that I could attend more of her sessions! I recently attended a Yin Yang workshop run by Sarah which was excellent and gave me a deeper understanding of yoga. Thank you Sarah!"

- Jacqui Brookes

"I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and Sarah is one of the best teachers I have worked with. She has a calm approach in the classes and each week we focus on different parts of the body to work on i.e. Hip opening, side stretching etc. highly recommend

- Frances Blyther

"Sarah's classes are suitable for all levels and age groups. She takes a great deal of time to explain the benefits and every week is different. The stretching and relaxation is always an enjoyable way to end the day and aid a restful sleep."

- Dianne Fryer

"I've loved learning about our body as we learnt yoga poses! Sarah has a very calm and soothing voice and manner. I found the classes quickly became a time for self reflection and a chance to give me a break from my demanding life. The classes made me feel so relaxed and taught me to love my body and that it deserves a break from the hustle and bustle of life! I haven't found a yoga teacher who is as good or attentive to the needs of her students."

- Jacquie Kirk

Corporate Yoga

Sarah's lunchtime classes were a welcome break from work and sitting at my desk. Sarah has a great teaching style and is really down to earth and attentive to everyone's needs. I always looked forwards to Wednesdays as I knew I would get an hour to step on my mat and stretch my body, and her classes always helped my aching back and shoulders, oh and tight hips!!

- Keri, We Work