Sarah Fretwell

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Strengthening the Back and Shoulders, Freeing the Spine - A Yoga Workshop

This workshop is for everybody. With so many requests for back relief, this workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to heal your back and shoulders and find support in the everyday.

During this workshop we will work on releasing and letting go of ingrained tensions in the spine and shoulders by learning to give our joints, bones and tissues more space to open up and breathe. We will practice a combination of gentle and strong poses, as well as flowing movements and breath work.

When we backbend, we often collapse in the lower back and squash the neck, to go further into the pose. In the workshop, we’ll work on our posture and begin to find strength, evenness and space in the muscles. Unlocking and strengthening the muscles of the vertebrae, the neck and the shoulders, we’ll also look at some deeper asana like full wheel, king pigeon and dancer’s pose - moving into them safely and with control.

By awakening the spine and shoulders, you’ll meet your edge, while toning the arms, legs, core and staying connected to the subtle body. Through releasing the neck and shoulder tension that collects from daily stress and other fitness routines, you’ll leave the workshop feeling more energised and spacious.

All props provided. For all levels including beginners.

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