Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness

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Strengthen, Lengthen and Restore Yin and Yang Workshop

Tune into your body and mind with the changing seasons - from warm, energetic summer to the colder, more grounding winter months. This yin and yang yoga workshop will fire is up, strengthening the spine, shoulders and lower body through asana, arm balances and a fiery flow, before slowing down, turning inwards and becoming more introspective.

YANG: a strong Vinyasa based flow, with the opportunity to try your hand at some fun arm balances and backbends. We will build heat in the body, develop strength and mobility, be prepared to sweat!

YIN: Longer, passive holds in delicious hip-released, spine and heart openers and hamstring stretches will nurture you and relieve any tension and physical stresses that have accumulated. We will work on surrendering rather than resisting; diving deeper into sensations; stilling the mind from its chatter; breathing so deeply into the body so that it feels even more spacious, even more open.

You’ll be led through guided breathing and meditation techniques that you can take home with you, which will leave you feeling spacious, calm and grounded. Suitable for all levels, there will be plenty of props for support and modifications for those recovering from injury.

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