Sarah Fretwell

Yoga, Movement, Mobility, Wellness

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Grow Your Flow: Take your Yoga Practice Deeper

This is a vinyasa based workshop that will help you to take your practise further, with integrity.

We will explore how to sequence a balanced home vinyasa-style yoga practise that gives you what you need day to day. We'll cover with the traditional elements that make up a vinyasa practise; how to feel more confident with your home practise, without a teacher; strength-drills to practise to build strength and muscle memory; finding inspiration for your own yoga practise; and finally introducing yin yoga to balance out the yang. 

Plus, we will work on strength-building drills that will help you to build both muscle memory to gradually work towards arm balances and more challenging transitions.  Through this strong vinyasa based workshop we’ll be learning which muscles need to wake up and engage to get in to certain asanas and even giving poses like crow and koundinyasana a go! 


This workshop is open to anyone – current yoga practitioners, beginners looking to understand more , or teachers wanting to grow their own practice and learn new transitions and drills to help work towards some of the "bigger" poses. 


You'll leave with a greater understanding of the different types of yoga asana and how to create yoga sequences 

You'll leave inspired to start or develop your very own self-practice. 

You'll leave with a greater awareness of your own fluctuating personal needs - body and mind - and how to practise in order to meet these needs, which change day to day. 

You'll leave with a knowledge of how the seasons effect our self and energy-levels and learn how to adapt your practise with the seasons. 

You'll leave with some excellent strength-based drills to work on that will help you to work towards some arm balances and "bigger" poses. 

Sound good? Join me for a fun filled two hours!