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Opening the Heart: 3 hours of Blissful Yin yoga and Gong Bath

  • Zen Yoga Camberwell Church Street London, England, SE5 8TR United Kingdom (map)

I am delighted to invite to you mine and Alicia Davies's 3 hour Yin and Sound Bath workshop at Zen Yoga Camberwell. Yin Yoga accompanied by a live Sound Bath is the perfect way to relax and recharge. The combination of slow calming yin poses mixed with the soothing vibrations from the instruments is designed to release tension and create a deep sense of relaxation.

This workshop is designed to work on the heart chakra and physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects related to this chakra. We will begin with an hour and a half of soothing yin yoga with Sarah to calm the nervous system, increase flexibility, hydrate the fascia, lengthen muscles and increase the circulation, before settling under warm and cosy blankets for an hour and a half of healing sound bath with Alicia. You will be taken on a profound inner journey, and will leave with a serene sense of inner calm and expansion in the heart space.

Why yin yoga?

Yin yoga is a beautiful healing practice giving us a break from our daily busy lifestyle. We hold the poses for a longer period of time, and in this stillness we open the meridian lines and allow the energy (chi) to travel more freely. We become receptive to many aspects of our being, the physical, emotional and spiritual. When followed by a gong meditation we are even more open than before and therefore receptive to its healing qualities. The depth experienced is beyond words and can only be felt on a deep cellular level.

Why gong bath?

In a gong bath the vibrating tones of the gong break through the mental and physical blocks of mind, body and spirit to promote a deep sense of well-being, relaxation and inner peace. The sound of the gong has a profound affect on people, and most often have the experience of floating in space, or in an ocean. Some have inspiring visions or see colours. Come with an open mind and an open heart!

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