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Yoga and Mobility Workshop: Freeing up the Hips, Spine and Shoulders

This yoga and mobility workshop is designed to strengthen and free up all the muscles around the hips, spine and shoulders.

In this two hour workshop, you will learn how to cultivate a greater range of motion and flexibility in key areas of the body: the spine, the shoulders and the hips. By using certain drills and sequencing to educate the nervous system on how to express this range of motion, you will learn how to build a greater degree of flexibility and mobility throughout the whole body.

This workshop will not only help to improve the flexibility and strength, but it will also help alleviate back and hip pain, improve your posture, teach you how find freedom in these areas with yoga poses and exercises that you can take back home to your own mat. We will also explore the function of the hips, spine and shoulders in creating a strong and supported backbending practice, working to open up the thoracic, middle and lumbar spine as well as the muscles of the shoulder. The workshop will incorporate creative yoga sequences, mobility exercises and drills, and will end with some relaxing yin yoga and savasana.  

All levels of practitioners are welcome, including beginners. Email me at for any questions.